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Blaues Band

BUGA Erfurt 2021 -  Opening planned for April 23rd


With the order to plan and realize the Blue Ribbon (Blaues Band), we had the opportunity to work on a unique, textile landscape sculpture. In the winning design by the Heuschneider landscape architects, the Blue Ribbon was intended to create a textile context on the Petersberg site. The reference to this can be found in the historical culture of dyeing in Erfurt. At that time, a special blue color for dyeing textiles was obtained from the local woad plant (Isatis tinctoria).


The Blue Ribbon is a sculpture stretched from 50 blue ropes, which stretches over a length of 118 m through the park landscape. A moving band is created by masts and guyed low points, which always opens up new perspectives for the viewer.

3dtex GmbH: Detail, planning and execution

Architects: Heuschneider Landschaftsarchitekten PartG mbB

Contract: Bundesgartenschau Erfurt 2021 gGmbH

Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler

Material: Blue braided cord made of polyester from Seilerei Voigt

Screw foundations: Rhein Ruhr Fundamente

Other Producer: Metallbau Ulm, Metallbau Heidenau, Jakob GmbH

Photos: Steve Bauerschmidt, 3dtex GmbH

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