Our service for textile architecture and ETFE constructions

3dtex can take on individual working phases or entire projects from the first sketch through to the finished building, including a fixed price offer.

On all projects, 3dtex works with an established network of specialists, including membrane manufacturers, specialist engineers, material science laboratories and trained industrial climbers. At 3dtex GmbH it all comes together. As an expert in its field, 3dtex can guarantee the smooth running of a project from a technical, creative and financial perspective, as well as its on-schedule completion.

  • strategic and conceptual consultancy, preliminary drafts, visualisations
  • geometric definition of the three-dimensional form, structural analysis, engineering of the structural elements
  • design and detail planning, cutting patterning for the membrane, membrane
  • detailing
  • fabrication of all separate parts such as membranes, ropes, steel constructions, fastening elements partly by external suppliers according to the specifications of and monitored by 3dtex GmbH
  • project management and quality assurance
  • delivery and assembly on site
  • Quality standards

Quality standards

Focusing on the quality of each constructive element is vital for the overall quality and appearance of a fabric structure. That is why 3dtex GmbH pays particular attention to the correct selection and construction of the connecting elements, whatever the project. Edge cables, tension links and membrane plates usually are made from stainless steel. All used fabrics are made by European quality producers only.

All of the details are planned down to the millimetre in a virtual 3D model and tested before they are manufactured, mostly in Germany. Ongoing quality tests are also carried out at our suppliers to guarantee the highest quality.

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