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Textile structures were first developed about 50 years ago, primarily by Prof. Frei Otto. They represent an elegant, lightweight, and flexible building method that offers countless new design possibilities and is therefore an essential part of 21st-century architecture.

Since 2008, 3dtex has been a leading provider of comprehensive design and construction services in the field of textile architecture. We combine quality, precision in detail, and a high level of design acumen and aesthetics to deliver exceptional textile structures.

We plan, manufacture, and install high-quality, well-crafted membrane constructions, ETFE cushion roofs, shading elements, and membrane facades.

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Current projects

May 2023
Maintenance: Harbour tip

For our projects, we carry out maintenance and repair of our structures at the request of our clients. We have just recently carried out maintenance for the membrane sculpture at the Hafenspitze in Eckernförde, Germany.

Membrane sculpture Hafenspitze after maintenance and cleaning
November 2022
Project: Funnel parasol

This elegant parasol was designed as a shading element for public spaces. A designer parasol that meets the requirements of permanent use in public spaces and also takes the issue of vandalism into consideration.

Round funnel - membrane screen in an urban environment.
August 2022
Project: Cloud 7 Treehouse

Not much longer and the tree house hotel Wolke 7 can be inhabited in Kriebelland. This unique sleeping capsule made of thermally insulated translucent double-layer membrane can also be inhabited in winter and offers a unique experience.

The Baumhaushotel Wolke7 offers a unique opportunity to spend the night in a heat-insulated capsule in the trees
March 2022
Project: Particular Matter(s)

With a two-year pandemic delay, the exhibition of the artist Tomás Saraceno has now opened in the New York art centre “The Shed”. We planned and manufactured the huge, air-supported sphere for it and assembled it with our team in Manhattan.

Art object and walk-in net sculpture in New York
February 2022
Project: Winter enclosure

For the sculptures at Seehof Castle near Bamberg, we developed a prototype for winter enclosure. Apart from the manifold constructional requirements, special attention was to be paid to the aesthetic appearance of this design.

Textile winter housing for sculptures in the park
August 2021
Project: Crystal Tower

We constructed a membrane roof for the high ropes course at Lake Tankum and installed it with Kristall Turm. The dynamic cut complements the shape and the exposed viewing platform on the top floor is covered against sun and rain.

Membrane roof for the high ropes course at Lake Tankum
March 2021
Project: Blue Ribbon

For the BUGA, we assembled the textile landscape sculpture the “Blue Ribbon”. The design was created in close cooperation with the Heuschneider landscape architects and our partners at Voigt rope factory.

Textile rope sculpture for the BUGA Park in Erfurt
July 2019
Workshop: Textile Roofs

This year we were again represented at the international textile construction forum “Textile Roofs” with the 3dtex team and realised a new experimental design together with interested guests.

Experimental membrane structure for the Textile Roof fair in Berlin
October 2020
Opening of BER Airport

With the opening of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, the art object “Gadget”, which we already realised in 2012, is now also accessible. The art object by Olaf Nicolai is an oversized pearl necklace.

Art in construction: a pearl necklace made of membrane material

Our Standard Products

Sample frame of the 3d-IsoSkin membrane insulation with translucent thermal insulation


3d-IsoSkin is a new product from 3dtex GmbH. It enables the creation of a thermally isolated building skin using a thin, translucent membrane.

The awning and tent roof Sternwelle, available as a finished product

Star Wave

The Star Wave is our long-established temporary tent roof. This roof serves as a sunshade and weather protection and is easy to install and transport.

The city umbrella is a product for public spaces and can be purchased from us

City Umbrella

The City Umbrella is a designer piece developed by 3dtex that impresses in urban spaces with its elegant shape and innovative construction as a sunshade.

The city umbrella, a designer piece for public spaces

City Umbrella

The City Umbrella is a designer piece developed by 3dtex that impresses in urban spaces with its elegant shape and innovative construction as a sunshade.


Upon request, we can take on individual project phases or manage a project from initial sketch to completion. We collaborate with a network of highly qualified specialists and planners, including fabric manufacturers for ETFE films, PVC-coated polyester fabrics, PVC fabrics, PTFE glass fabrics, or silicone-coated glass fabrics, membrane tailors, testing institutes, membrane engineering engineers, and trained industrial climbers. All threads always come together with us. This guarantees you the technically, stylistically, timely and financially flawless course of the project.

Our portfolio of services includes the creation of simple idea sketches or design studies with professional advice in the field of textile architecture or ETFE construction. In consultation with our engineers, we create membrane statics and develop individually and efficiently supporting structures. We supervise the project in all phases of HOAI (Official Scale of Fees), planning according to the latest Eurocode and DIN standards.

In addition, we offer professional ETFE or membrane installation under our supervision. Beyond the completion of our projects, we offer maintenance contracts to check the constructions, providing security for the object, improving construction processes and benefiting from experience.

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Research Objectives

In textile architecture, it takes courage to imagine the unimaginable. That’s why developing cutting-edge materials and construction elements is a crucial part of 3dtex’s daily work. We work with various industry and research partners, such as TU Chemnitz, to develop thermal insulation membranes, integrate shading elements into textile facades and roofs, and create new support structures using ETFE films.

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