Treehouse hotel “Wolke 7”

Sleep like on cloud nine – this is the motto of our prototype for the research project: “Development of a thermally insulated membrane to reduce energy losses in textile architecture – InsulTX”
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The treehouse consists of six plywood beams, which, through rotation and twisting, create a cloud-like shape with an outer diameter of no more than 3.90 m. As a result, six double-curved membrane fields are spanned, which offer a usable area of around 6.50 square meters inside. Two steel consoles connect the wooden beams with each other and serve as a connection for the suspension. The treehouse is hung in the trees using the load triangle.
Four of the double-layer membrane fields are covered with two coordinated translucent PES / PVC materials and two fields are covered with spacer fabric. The 30 – 50 mm thin membrane hybrids are filled with bulk insulation materials such as airgel and expanded glass.
The insulated sleeping capsule is habitable in summer and winter and is given its airy appearance thanks to the special construction made of a translucent membrane.

3dtex GmbH: Detail, planning and execution
Partner: TU Chemnitz, Forschungsbereich Leichtbau im Bauwesen; Company Karsten Daedler e.K. Manufacture of tarpaulin and foils
Static: zapf & co. – structural engineering GmbH

Completion: Kribestein – Germany, 2022

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