Easton House Berlin – Membrane interior sculpture

Our task for the Easton House refurbishment project in Berlin was to develop a space-dividing membrane element for the covered inner courtyard, the “small rotunda”. This had to take into account both acoustic concerns for the retail trade planned for the ground floor, as well as a visual separation in favour of the upper floors with office use.

The membrane sculpture designed and realised by 3dtex consists of a mesh fabric anchored at 16 points in the circular ceiling cut-out. A centrally tensioned stainless steel air support creates the three-dimensional wave form.
Adjustment possibilities for the tension in the membrane are given by the length-adjustable anchor points in the form of tension rods, as well as by the four steel cables that connect the membrane and the mast at the high and low points.
The low point of the 4.50 m long air support hovers at a height of 2.30 m, which means that the area under the membrane can be used without restriction.
The material chosen by the client, a silver-grey, coarse-meshed fabric (with an opening degree of 6%), allows for illumination on the ground floor, as well as a space-dividing effect in the plan view.
This textile sculpture made of a PVC-coated, translucent membrane enables a design of the room without additional supports in the …m diameter ceiling cut-out due to the statically relevant function of the membrane.

3dtex GmbH: Design, planning and assembling

Architect: hilligarchitekten
Client: Art-Invest Real Estate Funds GmbH
Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler
Membrane Textilbau / Fi Daedler, Hamburg
Material: Mehgies Valmex TF 400

Completion: Germany – Berlin 2020