Sculpture winter enclosure Seehof

The winter enclosure of sculptures is always a major topic in monument conservation. The aim is to effectively protect the sculptures from the various weather conditions in winter and thus prevent damage to the surface.
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  • membran-wintereinhausung-schloss-seehof-2

This prototype is an attempt to find an aesthetic and practicable solution for the enclosure, away from the conventional board shelters and other makeshift scaffolding. In addition, the public, who also visit the park in winter, should be able to view the sculptures through a small window.

Our design envisages a membrane skin that is slipped over a simple aluminium structure. The six aluminium struts are hinged to the base points so that the individual struts can be erected one after the other during construction. The construction is stiffened by a rigid head connection. The optimised shape, which is spatially adapted to the sculpture, allows the membrane cover to be tensioned with the aid of a lacing system. Keder strips are installed at the corner points to support the tensioning of the membrane downwards. A sewn-in membrane edge strap with a turnbuckle provides additional stiffening for the entire membrane construction.

3dtex GmbH: Design, detailed planning, production and assembly
Client: ProDenkmal GmbH & Staatliches Bauamt Bamberg
Confection: Planex Technik in Textil GmbH
Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler

Completion: 2022, Germany – Bamberg