Particular Matter(s) – a walk-in net sculpture

For the temporary exhibition of the artist Tomás Saraceno in the New York art center “The Shed” we developed a huge walk-in sphere
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The air-supported membrane sphere with a diameter of 29 m offers space for a light and sound installation in a noticeably three-dimensional space. Spectators can enter the room on two network levels. On the upper level, which is on the equator of the sphere and thus at a height of a good 12 m, people can move through the space like a spider. The impressive size of the globe can also be experienced on the lower level, at 3.50 meters. In addition, the installation of a bridge enables barrier-free access to the exhibition.

The big challenge in this project, apart from countless details, materials and external conditions, was to find a constructive solution without disturbing the unique feature of this “spider room” with the necessary massive construction. Outside the shell, the supporting elements are hidden and almost detached from the membrane sphere. But not only the construction but also the assembly and disassembly processes had to be reassessed in each step. In the end, an enormous overall object was developed and implemented, which was a great success for everyone involved due to our many years of experience in the special field of individualized membrane structures.

3dtex GmbH: detailed development, planning, execution and assembly

Artist: Thomas Saraceno
Client/Client: The Shed New York
Manufacturing: Ballonbau Wörner GmbH and Karsten Daedler e.K.
Statics: z3rch Berlin
Photos:Hanna Slak
Graphic: Tomas Saraceno

Collage towards Free the Air: How to hear the universe in a spider/web, 2022 – 95-foot-diameter sculpture housing a concert of spider/webs in four movements. Commissioned by The Shed. © Tomas Saraceno

Completion: 2022, USA – New York