Kloster Lehnin – sun canopy

The municipality of Kloster Lehnin near Berlin wanted shading for the tourist information pavilion, which is largely made of glass. Based on a concept by the local architectural office Ruge, 3dtex developed a canopy with three masts that pass through freely suspended membrane eyes.
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-2
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-6
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-1
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-3
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-5
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-7
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-8
  • textile-architektur-membranschirm-lehnin-4

The PVC-coated PES fabric from Ferrari is held by horizontal struts, suspended by stainless steel tension rods by the company Ancon.

For the details we searched for an architectural language that fulfils the technical requirements of the membrane structure, yet is as minimalistic as possible and emphasizes the canopy’s overall shape and appearance. The striking design of the canopy is a landmark in the town centre and serves as a focal point in this popular tourist destination.

3dtex GmbH: detailed engineering, project management, fabrication and assembly

Architect: Ruge Architekten
Static: z3rch, Berlin
Membrane Manufacture: Textilbau / Fi Daedler, Hamburg
Material: Ferrari 902S2

Completaion: 2012, Lehnin – Germany