The rope net structure “clouds” is an art and light installation designed for the city park. The “clouds – wishful clouds of the world religions” was developed in 2017 for the World Reformation Exhibition in Lutherstadt Wittenberg by the BTU Cottbus and realised in collaboration with 3dtex GmbH.
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-2
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-6
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-5
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-9
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-4
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-3
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-11
  • clouds-seilnetzstruktur-textile-kunst-12

The rope net structures mounted at several locations in the park are equipped with special LED rod lights at their nodes. In the dark, the park is illuminated by the installation and visitors can walk under a curved cloud of light.

3dtex GmbH: detailed engineering, project managementClient: Marc Timo Berg und Maria Constanze Hutter, BTU Cottbus Senftenberg – professorship sculptural art under Prof. Jo Achermann with Sven Kalden

Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler

Photos: “clouds” Marc Timo Berg und Maria Constanze Hutter

Comletion: 2017, Winttenberg – Germany