Wolkenhain – textile facade

As part of the international garden exhibition 2017 in Berlin, the architects Kolb Ripke designed the observation deck “Wolkenhain” (clouds grove). We were involved in planning, production and assembling of the cover membrane.
  • membranfassade-textile-architektur-wolkenhain-3
  • membranfassade-textile-architektur-wolkenhain-4
  • membranfassade-textile-architektur-wolkenhain-6
  • membranfassade-textile-architektur-wolkenhain-1
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  • membranfassade-textile-architektur-wolkenhain-5

A particular challenge was the 137 irregular membrane triangles, some with very acute angles. In this case the clamping of the membrane surfaces was a particularly demanding. We developed a special clamping system to establish the preload and guarantee a crease-free surface even in times of large variations in temperature.
The “cloud” is covered with a translucent silicone fibreglass fabric (Firma: Valmiera Glass), so the sculpture can be illuminated in different colours via a lighting system.

3dtex GmbH: planning and assembling

Architect: Kolb Ripke architect, Berlin
Main contractor: Textil Bau GmbH, Hamburg
Static: ibz ingenieurbüro zapf, Berlin
Steel structure: Vollack
Membrane Manufacture: Flontex GmbH
Material: Silikon-Glasfasergewebe, Valmiera Glass

Comletion: 2017, Berlin – Germany