Temporary inflatable roof – Fencing piste

In record time we designed and established our first pneumatic main construction in this dimension for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The construction consists of two intersecting pneumatic tubes of each 150 cm diameter. This 30 m pneumatic arcs are the load bearing structure, fixed on metal floor plates and anchored to the ground.

The space in between the arcs is filled with transparent ETFE foil which build in total a covered surface of around 200m. This temporary roof will be regularly used as fencing piste for important events.

3dtex GmbH: Design, planning, project control and installation

Client, Builder: UIPM – Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne
Projektmanagement Support: Büro 2000
Static: ibz Ingenieurbüro Zapf
Membrane Manufacture: Carsten Daedler e.K. Hamburg & Novum Membrans GmbH
Material: Mehler Valmex silver Typ III and ETFE

Completion: Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, 2016