Stage roofing at Domgymnasium

The Domgymnasium in Verden planned an upgrade of the schoolyard in 2014. 3dtex was commissioned to design an erectable and dismountable sail to protect the newly envisaged stage during events. We designed a 75 sqm 7-point sail. Two adjacent high points allow the desired opening to the audience. The entire assembly can be done in half a day by two people.

3dtex GmbH: design, detailed engineering, project management, fabrication and assembly

Architects: Horeis + Blatt Partnerschaft
Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler
Membrane Manufacture: Karsten Daedler e.K.
Steel works: Metallbau Ulm
Foundations: Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH
Material: Ferrari 702S2

Completion: Verden – Germany, 2014