Gasometer Berlin – Air-supported membrane structure

The historic construction of the Gasometer in Berlin was used as a television studio until 2022. For the TV studio of “Günter Jauch” in the Schöneberg Gasometer, a second roof membrane had to be installed as sound insulation over the existing glass dome. A roof membrane of 3500sqm in one piece!
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For the installation we developed a sophisticated system of electrical and manual winches, which first lifted the roof membrane vertically, brought it over the existing dome and lowered it again here. Then it was attached to the edge and pressurised with compressed air, which creates the round shape and stabilises the roof.

3dtex GmbH: Assembly

Project management: Textilbau GmbH
Static: IB-Zapf
Membrane Manufacture: Carsten Daedler e.K. Hamburg
Material: Mena Typ 3

Completion: 2011, Berlin