BioNanoPark Lodz

We were involved in the planning, manufacturing, and assembly of the Membrane facade to clad a supercomputer at the BioNanoPark in Lodz.
  • membranfassade-textil-bionanopark-1
  • membranfassade-textil-bionanopark-4
  • membranfassade-textil-bionanopark-2
  • membranfassade-textil-bionanopark-3

3dtex GmbH: Design, implementation planning, Membrane fabrication and Assembly of membranes

Client & Projektmanagement: P.P.U-H. “KA-7”
Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler
Membrane Manufacture: Karsten Daedler e.K. Hamburg
Material: Ferrari 902S2

Completion: 2015, Poland