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Double keder profile for connection bracket

This double keder profile for ETFE foil roofs is a new development of 3dtex GmbH which integrates a wide range of functions in a compact design. It has an internal condensation channel, which also functions as a second sealing level. This means that even complex geometries can be reliably sealed against driving rain.

The profile system has a thermal separation to reduce losses in heated buildings. It allows the creation of spatially complex corner geometries and their secure sealing. Installation is quick and easy. Sophisticated installation tools can be provided.

  • for 6mm keder
  • attachment to brackets of the substructure using M8 hammerhead bolts in a channel – no complicated threading necessary
  • base, middle, keder and cover profile made of anodized aluminium 6063 T66
  • incl. protective and sealing profile made of UV-resistant EPDM 70 Shore A
  • incl. second sealing level to absorb possible condensation or minor leaks, made of self-adhesive laminated EPDM, easy and safe to install even in complex corners
  • complex node geometries can be realised
  • incl. thermal break with polycarbonate spacer sleeves
  • incl. connecting pins for precise alignment of the profiles
  • incl. optional bird defence system