Four-Point Sail

This temporary tent roof spans an area of ​​40 m². It is secured by two high points, each with two guy ropes. The low points are guyed with ropes in the direction of the load introduction.

The sail is designed as a temporary roof, so the 4.70 m long supports can be dismantled into manageable elements and used as a mobile version.
The bases of the masts and guy ropes are temporarily anchored in the ground with pegs.

Dimensions: 8,00 m x 8,00 m
Covered area: 40 m²
Height: 4,50 m

The roof is statically calculated and dimensioned for wind force 8 – 72 km/h (storm wind) according to DIN EN 13782:2005 for temporary structures. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.

The tent roof is made of a high-quality PVC-coated membrane that is dirt-repellent, UV-stable and flame-retardant (B1). The material is durable, extremely tear-resistant and available in various colors.