CANOPA – Design Pavillon

An extravagant and extremely stable pavilion that is an eye-catcher wherever it is used. Whether indoors or outdoors, as a trade fair stand or in a private garden, the CANOPA design pavilion has almost unlimited uses.

The pavilion is designed so that it can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily by just two people. The entire pavilion can be dismantled into manageable individual parts, making it easy and uncomplicated to transport.

A big advantage is that the pavilion does not need to be guyed or secured with ropes. By inserting 40 cm long screw anchors at the four mast bases, the pavilion is anchored to natural ground. It is also possible to build the pavilion with ballast or a ballasted ground structure

Dimensions: 4,50 m x 4,50 m
Covered area: 15 m²
Height: 3,50 m

All steel tubes have a standard diameter of 42.4 mm. The pavilion can be individually designed using tube connectors. Walls, partitions, doors, routes for lighting installations or even tables and benches can be attached to the masts and horizontal crossovers – almost anything is possible.

The pavilion is statically calculated and dimensioned for wind speeds of up to 8 – 72 km/h (storm wind) in accordance with DIN EN 13782:2005 for temporary structures. This makes the pavilion ideal for outdoor use.

The tent roof is made of a high-quality PVC-coated membrane that is dirt-repellent, UV-stable and flame-retardant (B1). The material is durable, extremely tear-resistant and available in various colors.