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Eliptic ETFE cuhion for roof - La Victoria

Mexico 2017


The main places of the shopping mall Puerta La Victoria are covered with two elliptic, pneumatic cushions. One of this measured 1200 sqm and consist of PVC fabric, the other one, with an area of 600 sqm is built of transparent ETFE membrane. We were involved in design and production of this ETFE-cushion, one of the biggest ETFE cushions in the world. The cushion is supported by parallel steel cables each 80 cm to remove the wind loads in the surrounding steel construction.

Special issues concerning to the security concept and secure drainage of the 9m height cushions brought us a lot of experience and a new project in Costa Rica with a 45 sqm ETFE-cushion.


3dtex GmbH: ETFE-Dach, Planung und Realisierung

Kunde: Lonas Lorezno SA, Mexiko

Statik: z3rch, Berlin

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