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Membrane roof for high ropes course

A membrane roof can also be installed at dizzy heights as sun protection and a rain cover.

We designed and installed a membrane roof at a height of 25 m to protect against the weather for the Kristall Turm high ropes course at Tankumsee. The membrane roof protects the top level of the adventure tower and can be used for other activities. The dynamic cut of the membrane complements the crystalline shape of the tower to a rounded conclusion.


A durable PVC fabric was chosen for this project. The membrane cuts show the course of the membrane forces by doubling in the extreme points and react to the static requirements. The specially designed membrane plate, which simultaneously clamps the surrounding edge cable, enables the forces to be transmitted into the steel structure.


3dtex GmbH: Detail, planning and assembly 

Client: Kristall Turm GmbH & Co. KG

Confection: Firma Karsten Daedler e.K. 

Static: Ingenieurbüro Hedler

Completion: 2021 Germany - Tankumsee

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