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3d-IsoSkin is a new project group of 3dtex GmbH which enables a thermic isolation skin for edifices. These are constructed from a thin, translucent membrane. This way organically designed buildings are possible, which beforehand could not be realized with membranes.

3dtex Membrandämmung 3d-IsoSkin
3dtex Membrandämmung 3d-IsoSkin

3d-IsoSkin is filled with an insulating material which according to the construction tasks can be combined in manifold ways. This way the demands of all architects regarding translucency, aesthetic appeal, and durability can be combined and at the same time, the difficulties like tear resistance, the endurance of the bonds, vapor diffusion resistance, and maximal allowable u-values are fulfilled.

We 3dtex love to advise you concerning your running project, and also develop together with you the correct construction of the IsoSkin!

Product features:

  • u-value: according to the design of the thickness of insulating material

  • light transmission: depending on the insulating material up to 15 percent

  • tear resistance: up to 5000N|5m, according to the material used

  • coating: dirt as well as anti-fungal possible

  • fire behavior: hardly inflammable B1 according to DIN 4102, EN13501-1, "fire-rated roof covering" following DIN 4102-7

  • nominal distance: 40-60 mm according to the technical configuration

  • weldability: HF- weldable

  • durability: longer than 20 years

The System 3d-IsoSkin has been developed in course of a German research program, together with the Technical University of Chemnitz and the manufacturer Karsten Daedler. In this context, extensive tests were carried out.

3dtex Membrandämmung 3d-IsoSkin
3dtex Membrandämmung 3d-IsoSkin

Together with the prototype and innovation leader „Wolke 7“ (cloud 9) within which the system of 3d-IsoSkin is being tested under realistic conditions in a long term, we enable the conducted tests and calculations of a secure and approvable construction of an insulated, translucence, IsoSkin constructed by textile membranes.

We are looking forward to new, innovative projects which we like to develop with you.

The experimental tests were among many:


  • thermic analysis, defining U-Value

  • defining water vapor resistance factor, dew point measurement, diverse tests concerning condensation and moisture absorption

  • resistance tests of materials of connective use and of spacers

  • durability tests, under long-term weather conditions, accelerated weather conditions

  • optical properties of the whole construction, light transmission level

  • tests of material such as for insulation, filling tests, setting properties, optical properties

  • testing of construction and montage process

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