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Mexiko 2015


Cubierta voronoi is the first ETFE roof in the history of Mexico. The project was concepted to be the meeting point of the new shopping mall in the neighbourhood of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey.


The structure consist of a tree-like steel masts which support a “honeycomb” covering steel structure. The panels of the honey were covered by ETFE cushions, this are transparent on the bottom and white on the top. The first project, so its name, was a Voronoi structure, i.e., the surface descripted by the roof was divided into panels by the algorithm developed by Mr. Voronoi. This gave a very nice and aesthetic structure, but far away to be built with the budget and time propose by the client. Because of this we rethink and redesign the project, to be able to achieve the schedule and budget proposed the client.


In this way was designed a free form steel roof which was divided into a honeycomb structure. The big achievement of this design was to build the freeform roof only with 5 different cushions. In this way all the production process was accelerated and cost for the construction and planning were reduced. Also the assembly process was standardized, and the whole 100 cushion (1.600 qm) were mounted in only 12 days.


3dtex GmbH: detailed engineering, fabrication and assembly


Main contractor: Lonas Lorenzo SA

Static: z3rch

Membrane Manufacture: Novum Membranes GmbH

Material: Nowoflon ET 6235 Z

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